Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Ok, so I got my first batch of photos processed rudimentarily and out on photobucket. My professor isn't helping much in the way of critiques, presumably because he knows I have no photography background.

I would appreciate it if any of you out there would take a look and critique me via comments here. What you like, what you don't like, even more detail if you wish as far as contrast, cropping, etc. I like what is coming out, I just want to know where I can improve. Feel free to point here from your blogs as well so maybe I can get more. Thanks in advance.

Here's da "pitchers" (as they say down here in the south). Make sure you view the full image so it doesnt look all pixelated.

Thanks a ton!


PS - the photo of the reel is watermarked b/c I am considering a print run of it. I'm in correspondence with Penn via email to avoid any trademark issues. That's the rough version of it to further dissuade thievery.


Super Babe said...

Hey. My favorite ones were the CONS and the Checking the Mail. The composition on the latter one is great (I like that the subject is on the right, so it stands out right away) and great contrast on that one! Same with the CONS pictures. The guitar strings was good but to me, it'd be a little better if the background had a little more color (or if the strings were bigger in the print -- it seems to be too white). Great job!!! :)

(I'm not a stalker -- I am Chase's wife and we were taking a peek at your blog through Oob's blog)

oob said...

Personally, I prefer the strings the best. I like the way they're splayed out and perfectly spread to the lower right corner, seeing the details of the grooves in the larger strings, etc. Your current favorite is a close second, as I can always fall for a picture that makes me ask questions. "where is this?" "what are those interesting chains?" "how is that plant growing that way upon a post?" It draws you in, wishing you could find the answers. Great job!!!

Band Director Guy said...

I take forever. Ugh.

I like the guitar strings also except that I'd have wanted the whole bunch in the picture- in other words, have the end of the string on the bottom right be in the pic. A hair more clarity would be cool too. Maybe that's what a macro lens is for.

I like the fence post one as well. I agree with sis.
Cats- I hate cats. :) A good pic of a cat is a driveby/over. :) HA!