Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ok, so I actually have some extra time today b/c one of my Prof's didnt show up for class. It's all good, I can work in Photoshop as well at home as I can in a lab. So, heres my shot at a fractured update on the past few months...


- Exams went well. End result? 3.5 for the semester. Holy shit, me on the Dean's List, what is this world coming to? HINT: I have alot more focus now than at 20 or so. Wonder of wonders what a little bit of maturation can do for you. I still have no intentions of growing up.

- Grandmother fell and broke her hip. Surgery ensued, she is now well on the way to recovery. She's down at the hospital my stepdad is CFO at, so he visits her every day. Mom is getting the break she needs, even if the reason behind it sucks.

- Holidays were good. Had a fullhouse at Moms w/ Josh's GF and Charlotte's BF in the house with the other 7 of us (why do we of all people have to be the "normal" ones...I always thought we put the "fun" in dysfunctional, but these kids folks make us look like the friggin Brady Bunch). Shortly after Christmas my friend Matt came up from Florida, Mark came in from Denmark to be with my other friend Angel, and they came down to prepare for the NYE festivities. I can't wait for Matt to get out of the military so we can hang out and fish more, and I wish Angel wasnt having to move to Denmark so Mark can finish school. Programmer income will be nice though once they move back.

- NYE was the usual clusterfuck of bombastic munitions disposal, with a healthy dose of Jager and Redbull for extra craziness. I managed to get a mortar rack setup for 12 simultaneous shots. Sweet. Explosions ensued.

- Post holiday letdown sucked, but before I knew it I was back in school so it went away quickly. The letdown this year was had nothing to do with the excitement, it was all wanting to spend more time with my family...taking care of Nanny I've spent the past few years there at least 4 days a week. I cant do that now with school, and it feels kind of empty - It's nice to have Jen and Nemo. Jen and I have spent alot of time back there on weekends helping out with cleaning and making stuff for mom's new smokehouse (homemade smoked breakfast sausage...OH YEAH! Second only to homemade Pastrami on Rye. Or maybe smoked Monteray Jack).


- Nanny is still recovering well. The surgeon says she is healing beautifully. I can't make it to Bamberg to see her as much as I would like.

- Classes: Visual Arts Computing (image creation from scratch in Photoshop), Advanced Audio Art (2nd semester of ProTools), The Still Image (b&w digital photography w/ Photoshop used as the darkroom), History of Jazz and Pop (b/c my previous music courses are all going towards a minor, I have to take this BS to fill my fine arts req.), History of Europe from 1945.

- History prof (Europe) blows. Dropped the class last night. Rambling outlines, rambling lectures, unrelated reading. Went after class to ask him what I was doing wrong, was told "my job doesnt depend on whether you pass or fail, so you just need to figure it out." Game Over.

- All other classes kick ass, even if Music History is a bit dry. Sucks to sit through 4 days of sixth grade theory when you are a former music major. Photography class is AWESOME. I wish I had picked up a camera before. Photobucket will be straining once I get some of my shots processed out of .dng. Stay tuned cause I want feedback.

- New band is good, even if just for fun. Sucks to have to rebuild a fanbase though.

I think thats about it. I am actually writing and not in a pensive/melancholy/nostalgiac mood. Yet another wonder. Then again, I am watching a Woot-off in hopes of getting something good on the cheap. They always make me happy.

Oh, and I am going to Denmark in March for Angel and Mark's wedding. First time across the Atlantic. Should be lots of fun if I dont go nuts on the flight and try to eat a cigarette. Damn I need to quit.

I'll try to write more frequently.