Saturday, November 11, 2006

Gone Fishin'

I'm about to head down to Pawley's Island, SC to throw a line in some saltwater. Hopefully the results will be better than the last trip, which reached its frenzied peak as I sprinted down the beach chasing my nicest surf rod/reel (paid far too much for it) as my intended prey on the other end laughed its ass off and just kept on truckin. Only 3 things out there typically could do that, as it was sitting in a firmly sunk sand spike - Shark, Ray, or Red Drum. Hopefully it was the last of the 3 options, and there are a few more waiting on my return. More probably it was a shark, being that this spot produced my biggest from the surf, a 6 footer of the sand variety. Either way, I'm out 450.00 of replacement value and I want some revenge!!! Watch out fishes, I'm a-comin' and I'm pissed off ;)

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